Friday, August 26, 2016

Finding my rainbow

I rarely post photos mainly because A) I am too lazy to take them B) when I do take them they mostly contain a certain ginger cat or C) a mix of the the above! But today I have a few photos to share :) Recently I have been feeling like nothing in my life has been going right, the job market is non existant and I'm just not getting any interviews so despite me wanting to get employment its just not happening anytime fast.
A while ago I was craving to see a rainbow, I know its weird to crave to see something but I honestly just felt like that by seeing one it would remind me that God always comes through in storms and things would be fine. After weeks of praying and waiting I saw my rainbow, it might be kinda hard to see (which is why I circled it) but I saw it (if only for a few minutes before it faded).
On Wednesdays I take one of Megan's friends for a walk along the river after I pick her up from her art class and the local council decided that up on the hill to put a big shipping container rainbow. So this past Wednesday instead of our usual walk we walked up the hill and decided to take some pictures. It was loads of fun and it turns out being a model can be tiring :) here are some pics I let her take using my phone:
Sometimes when it rains it pours and it feels like it will never stop, it can be so easy to feel down about it and not get back up again or you can realise that eventually the rain will stop and a rainbow will appear it just takes time. Just like with some storms sometimes a rainbow doesn't appear but it will eventually appear, sometimes it will be faded and you have to squint to see it other times it will be vibrant and light up the sky.
One thing I have learnt throughout my unemployment journey (journeys?) is that sometimes no matter how hard you are praying rainbows are impossible to find and other times rainbows appear unexpectedly and when it happens you embrace it. At the end of the day though it's all up to God and he is the one to make them appear :)

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