Monday, August 22, 2016

Praying for an answer

One of the places I get a lot of thinking done is my car, my 1998 Ford Laser which isn't fancy but it goes well and its mine. I plug my ipod in through the tape aux and find some Christian music and just think, I talk to myself, ponder things and pray. I pray for friends and family, I pray for my church and I pray for what my next step should be. I have let the tears fall as I pray and ask God questions, I let myself be angry at God and let myself be thankful to him, I just let it all go and by the time I reach my destination I feel clearer and calmer.
Lately my main question/prayer to God has been 'What should I be doing?' I feel stuck at the moment and I can't help feel jealous of those who get offered jobs without looking for them or get the first job they apply for or find their niche so easily. When here I am stuck, not getting interviews and being lucky enough to apply for 4 jobs a week. People keep telling me that its only a matter of time before I find my niche but as the weeks and months go on I can't wonder if I will ever find a job.
But then theres this period of when I've finishing praying and I've turned the car off and I am sitting in silence, when I know things will work out and God will come through like he always does even if it means waiting just a bit longer.

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