Friday, August 5, 2016

Five Friday Favourites and an update

It's Friday so that means its time for Friday Favourites! This week has been busy, with a Centrelink
meeting, psych appointment, coffee catch up and a call letting me know I have been shortlisted for a job so I am expecting a call any day now confirming a job interview time (so if you could pray for that that would be great).
Megan has been asking me how many weeks until we get to go to see The Next Step in concert and its so much fun to see how excited she is, its 6 weeks away as of yesterday so she is happy. Of course this means its 5 weeks until I turn 22 which is scary to think about! I am still getting used to being 21, I can't be 22 already?! I feel that 22 isn't really worth celebrating so this year it will be very low key and I honestly feel like the
concert counts almost as a celebration (as it's an early birthday present for Megan and her birthday isn't until Feb), I will probably just ask for more jewellery as there is nothing I really need and you can never have to much jewellery (I am clearly my mother's daughter!). I will say this many times if you buy me nice (stirling) silver jewellery you will get on my good side :)
In no particular order here are Five Friday Favourites of things that I have been loving lately:

FullOut Movie - I am pretty sure I already posted about this but its now on Netflix which means you watch it just in time for the Olympics! Its such a great movie to watch to see into the world of competitive gymnastics and the cast is full of Next Step and Degrassi alums.

Essence longlasting lipstick - I love wearing lipstick and find it gives me such
a confidence boost so when I discovered a great shade (Natural Beauty) I decided to give it a try and its a great formula! It stays on and has great pigment and for the price (under $5!) its a steal! Don't judge a lipstick by its brand as I will buying more of this lipstick whenever I see it in stock (its been sold out in the places I have looked for it since originally buying it).

Dolce Flats - I have had trouble in the past finding flats that actually stay on my feet, are comfortable and look nice until I found these. I lived in these when I was working in Summer (we had to wear enclosed shoes) and got loads of compliments on them as well. They look smart but can be worn anywhere. I find with the style of the shoe they work perfectly for summer and they are leather so you know they will last. I wore mine so much (this was during the time I lost my license so I had to walk to the bus stop daily) and they still look like new. You clearly get what you pay for when it comes to shoes and these are worth the $59.95 price tag, do keep an eye on sales though as I managed to buy 2 more pairs (in black and in white/tan) for $60 for both which was an amazing deal.

Miranda Kenneally - If you are after a new author you must read her books! They are standalone books but in a sense a part of series so you often get guest appearences by past main characters in her books (like Sarah Dessen style), so you can read them in any order. I just finished her latest book Defending Taylor in 12 hours and I could not put them down. They are great books if you just need an escape for a few hours and the characters and storylines are amazing. There are currently 7 books to read so just grab whichever one draws you in and get reading once you start you won't be able to stop!

Geraldton Wax - It's August so that means the Geraldton Wax is out in the full bloom and it makes
me so happy! I love wildflowers and I have to say Geraldton Wax is my favourite of the bunch, we have a few plants growing in our front yard and it brightens up the place plus they are so hardy (they are common to be planted down roads here as they grow so well) and really thrive in sandy soil.

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