Thursday, February 24, 2011


When we're younger we learn that doing the wrong thing equals consquences when we're older we learn that doing the wrong this doesn't just have consquences but often doing the wrong thing can affect alot of people. Its strange with the fact than when we're older often things we do, hurt people when we don't mean them to! Which lead to consquences, which don't just affect us but other people too. I have done things that have hurt people when I didn't mean to and every time I have been very sorry, as we realise the affect it has on alot of people. Often though even after the apology things don't go back to the way they were which is another consquence! Its hard as more times than not you will wish you hadn't done what you had did and that you could turn back the clock, which can't happen :(. I speak from experience and I am sure everyone will realise what I am saying. I know everyone would be alot happier if life had an 'undo button' or 'go back in time button'. But this isn't the case, but we can sorry and hope for the best.

So I am apologising to anyone I may have hurt recently and I hope things can go back the way they were :)

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