Friday, February 11, 2011

Smile More :)

Smile more- two words that can make a difference. It has been recorded that after a man jumped off the bridge they found a note 'if anyone smiles at me on my way to the bridge, I won't jump' no one did though so he jumped and killed himself. Its hard breaking, that a thing like this could cause people follow through with their plans to commit sucide. I try to smile as much as I can, though there are times when I feel awful and don't feel smiling, but the truth is smile can make someones day. Though we have days when we feel depressed, a person smiling at us can turn our day around. I remember that there have been days when I have felt horrible and just one person smiling at me has made me feel so much better :) so please smile more :)

Some sites to make you smile:)
GMH (gives me hope)- I love this site and you'll see why, if anyone can read this site without smiling once, you have no heart.
LGMH(love gives me hope)- like GMH but with love stories, these stories are amazing and it makes me feel good inside to know the world still have love.

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