Thursday, March 21, 2013


I have an interview first thing Monday morning, I should be jumping around the house screaming right? But for some reason I'm not, maybe its because I didn't take my medication until an hour ago as when I left the house this morning I completely forgot about it or maybe its because I am enjoying work experience and feeling that getting there (at least) an hour later than usual will be a bad thing or maybe its because I know I shouldn't get my hopes up.

I LOVE work experience and I love how much its helping me and I know that when it comes to an end or I get a job (which ever comes first) I will be sad. After 3 days my confidence has sky rocketed and I feel like I am wanted and a use to someone. I was in town today and I found myself almost wandering to the building where I work, even though today is my day off. I like keeping busy and work experience not only does that but helps me with my skills so its a win win. I know the professor I work under won't mind me coming in late and from the interview (which wasn't an interview) a week ago he has said that interviews for potential jobs always come first and work experience second.

So why am I not exited about this potiental job? I have no idea but if its the right job for me God will give it to me.

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