Monday, March 25, 2013

Hitting the ground running

Today I hit the ground running (literally at times). I managed to make it to my interview only 2 minutes late (big thanks to road works and slow drivers!) and it went ok. Then I raced to work experience and got there at 10.45am where I worked nonstop (doing a stocktake of the stationary cupboard, filing, answering phones and dealing with general enquiries ect) in the middle of it all I got a phone call regarding that mornings interview telling me that they were very sorry but I didn't get the job. To be honest I didn't care, it was tricky to get to, the hours weren't ideal and I couldn't see myself working there long term. Sure if I got offered the job I would've taken it, but I knew all along that there was a better job out there for me.

When asked why I want to to work in admin I have always said that I am good with computers and people but they are just reasons in a sense. The other week (when I was having an interview that wasn't an interview for work experience) the reason finally came to me: I want to help people and try and make a difference in their lives even if its only for a second or two. I know there are lots of jobs that help people 'directly' yet admin is one of those jobs where you help people indirectly and through everything you do, though at times you may not feel like you are helping someone you are.

I am just continuing to pray that God will give me the right job at the right time and until then I will continue to do work experience and focus on the bigger picture, whatever that may be.

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