Friday, March 1, 2013

Stuck with no where to go

I'm sorry that I have been absent lately but this past week has been hard. I have struggled to get out of bed this past week and have been in tears so many times. It hit me that I haven't had a job interview since November and it sucks. I would've thought by now I would be working and its hard to accept that I'm not. I am doing all the right things but it makes me ask the question is something wrong with me? I know I have all the right training, but what is it that is stopping people giving me a chance. I can't affoard to go back to studying and even if I could I don't think I could give it my all. Work experience has crossed my mind but most companies are only willing if you want to do it full time which I can't handle. So I am stuck and not going anywhere which sucks. I know I can do all the jobs I apply for yet no one is willing to give me a chance.

If I could get one interview I know I could impress the company and prove to them that I am what they want. I may be young but I work hard and give everything my all, I pick up new computer programs quickly and I can work alone or in a team.

I need a job to feel like I am worth something until I get one I feel worthless and miserable. Yes I do need the money (to adopt a kitten, buy a car and pay for my expenses) but it more about feeling worth something than the money. I want to walk into work confident (which I admit I struggle to feel) and walk out confident, feeling like I have had a great day. I guess all I can do is pray that God gives me a job that is suited to me perfectly.

Life has to keep moving forward and I can't stay stuck here forever.

Picture from a girl and a glue gun

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