Friday, March 29, 2013

Finishing up work experience

Yesterday I finished up work experience at the university as there is no more work for me to do. I enjoyed every moment of it (even the moments I was fighting with the printer/photocopier!), I felt like I had a purpose and that alone gave me self confidence. I was never made to feel anything but an equal around the people I worked with. Everyone who worked in the building loved it and you could sense it as soon as you walked in the door.

On my third day working there I could feel an anxiety attack coming on before I started work, I managed to be beat it and no one could've guessed that I almost had an attack. The feeling that I didn't let it win was amazing and I finally had peace that I can beat the attacks.

As far as the job front goes I had an interview on Monday which was unsuccessful and I am praying that something comes up soon while I am on this confidence high from work experience. I don't know any 18 year olds who have a professor as a reference on their resume so I am hoping that will make me stand out from the crowd. I have also been told that if any more work comes up at the uni I will get a call and as I am considered staff (I have a login and staff card) so it means that I have a better chance of getting a job there. This chapter has ended and my next chapter begins and as sad as it is to finish up this chaper I know God has something special for the next chapter of my life.

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