Sunday, August 24, 2014

Goodbye Alfie

This morning Alfie passed away, it was unexpected but it happened. He had caught a bird on Friday and one of the bones in the bird pierced his stomach (we believe) so last night he passed away. Waking up to this news was hard, he was my baby after all, yet for reasons I do not know it was in God's plans that it would happen. He almost 2 still a young cat who had helped me so much over the year and a half we had had him. He brought me joy and always made me smile, he could also be a toad at times and liked to destroy headphones and was obsessed with bells. He wormed his way to mine and my families hearts and loved to be around us. I need to keep this post short and sweet and not dwell on the past because that will only destroy me.

Alfie thank you so much for helping me get through so much, I will always love you and the house will be a quieter place without you, be sure to tell Tom hello from us and all the rest of the bunch (Meetchie, Chickpea, Floyd and Punch) as well.
Love you so much my furry little baby
Mummy xxx

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Erin! Remember that God is always close to the broken hearted! Blessed are those who mourn. Hugs -Anna