Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meet Paprika (Rikki) and an update

Thanks to everyone who has helped me cope with Alfie's death over the past few days, its been hard but I have survived!
Today I adopted another cat, my reasons for this is because as I am currently un-employed it means that I can be home with the cat and be able to bond with him, also because my heart was aching for another cat (even though I live with Bella and Maddy). I was looking on our local cat shelters website when I saw this little guy, after a call to the shelter and a talk to his foster mum (who I have promised to send email updates to) I decided that I would love to meet him. Well things went well and I brought him home, so meet Paprika or Rikki as he is known by.
He is ginger with a white chest and socks, his eyes are mesmerising and he love cuddles. He has potential to be a real sook and I am hoping a lap cat (I have just always had visions of me studying or writing a novel with a cat on my lap purring).
In other news I had a job interview yesterday which went really well and I am praying it will be the job for me! Its 4 days a week, close to home in a small office and the people who interviewed me seemed really nice. I will hear if I have the job next Tuesday and if I do I will start the following Monday (a week before my 20th Birthday, I still can't believe I turn 20 in just under 3 weeks!) so fingers crossed. Ideally if I get the job I would be working 4 days a week then study the other day as I am keen to get my diploma in business administration which I can do online over 2 years. So if you could please pray that I get this job that would be great, I know its in God's hands but its hard waiting to see what happens!
I am trying not to worry much and I know having Rikki will keep me busy. I am also planning on seeing the film If I Stay this weekend with my youngest sister, I loved the book so I am hoping the movie is good (though I am expecting to cry during it as I cried throughout the whole book!).
Once again my life has taken an unexpected turn but I am trying to stay focused and trust God during this challenging and confusing time :)

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