Saturday, August 30, 2014

Movie Review: If I Stay

Today I headed to the movies to see If I Stay and as I know a lot of my friends are trying to decide whether they should see it or not I thought I would do a review of it. I read the book and loved it, I read it in 24 hours and cried throughout reading it so I was expecting the film to be a tear jerker and it was! I would recommend wearing waterproof mascara and taking tissues when you go see it. I am really tempted to go see it again (I like to watch films at least twice where possibly as I love to focus on the characters and the little details that I have may have missed the second time round!).
For those who have the read the book its quite true to it, though my one complaint is that the accident scene doesn't have the same depth as it did in the book and I feel that they could have made it more dramatic and slightly longer rather than keeping it short and not showing how gruesome it should be, saying that everything else is spot on.
The actors have all done the characters justice Chloe Grace Mortez plays the part of Mia perfectly and Jamie Blackley seems to be Adam if that makes sense (you see him and you go that's how I pictured Adam, he's perfect!).
Even if you haven't read the book the storyline is gripping and I found much of it relatable especially Mia second guessing herself (as someone who suffers with self confidence I could totally relate to that part) and I think we can all relate to feeling like outsider which Mia also struggles with. The main theme throughout the film is does she choose to live and the inner struggle Mia has, this is shown with flashbacks to various significant parts of her life such as the first moment she saw/touched/played the cello, her parents rocker lifestyle, meeting Adam for the first time, auditioning to Julliard and her first major fight with Adam. The book also does this and I was curious as to how the film would be regarding the flashbacks and it works though the first couple of times it happens it can be confusing!
Would I see this film again? Yep definitely and its a great film to see with your girl friends :) Please do not drag along your guy friend/boyfriend/husband/brother/dad as I don't think they would cope with it! I only saw one guy in the whole movie theatre (he was in the row in front of me with what appeared to be his girlfriend) and I felt so sorry for him!
Did I cry in it? YES!!! Though not as much as I thought I would, I did cry in parts so wear the waterproof mascara and take tissues if you think you might cry during it, actually regardless whether or not you think you will cry in it as you will. My sister who told me that she would not cry in it cried as did her friend and I am pretty sure the bulk of the people in the theatre did as well.
The movie does end suddenly but so does the book but it makes sense once it settles in your mind. There is sequel to If I Stay called Where She Went which may get made into a movie depending on how well If I Stay does but the film does end when it should so don't think there should be more.
If you loved the movie it is worth checking out If I Stay and Where She Went both by Gayle Forman they aren't long reads and are both beautifully written.
I feel the need to end this post with a shout out to Rikki-kitty who decided that halfway through this post he needed attention which meant for part of writing this I was playing soccer with him in the bathroom! I'm not complaining as he hasn't been very playful until now so I am happy that he is settling in well :)

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