Friday, April 8, 2016

Five Friday Favourites

Thought I would throw together a quick Friday Favourites because I haven't done one for a while and its a great way to end the week :)
Lost and Found Music Studios - I binge watch shows when I am bored this happened to just be on Netflix when I needed something watch and I watched all 14 episodes within 24 hours. Its a great mindless show if you need something to watch and if you enjoyed the Next Step then you will enjoy the sister series to it.

Coupe - hands down one of the best games you can play. Its a quick game and on average most games only take 15 minutes, up to 6 can play it with the standard pack or you can buy the expansion (which is highly recommended) and play with up to 10 players along with a few twists and turns. It doesn't take up much space either so you can take it places to play with friends (I'm not a fan to taking massive board games when I am going away).

Livia - I suffer with period pain and Advil is my go to but I have recently found out that due to my anxiety medication its not recommended that I take it due to a risk of internal bleeding. So when I found out about this gadget I knew I had to buy it. It's cost me $135 including shipping with today's current exchange rates but I figure anything that helps keep me pain free is worth it. I am looking forward to using it when it arrives (which won't be until October) and am hopeful that it will live up to its claims.

Greek The Reunion - can I just say how exited I am that this is happening! I love Greek (and have probably watched each episode at least 3 times if not more!) and have been hoping that they would eventually do a reunion special, because everyone wants to know what they have turned out like. I can't wait to watch it and am looking forward to seeing all the cast post their pics on social media during the filming of it. Abc Freeform also has quite a few new shows in the works that look interesting, at this stage I just want them to renew Recovery Road, Baby Daddy and Stitchers.

Adorable Aprons - being a baker who more times than not gets coated in flour I am always after a cute apron, so when I came across Adorable Aprons it was love at first sight. I know $40 might seem steep for an apron but they are extremely well made, look cute and you are supporting a small business. I love my apron so much and already have a list of who I could gift a few to next! A great gift would be an apron, wooden spoon (or spatula) and a few of your favourite recipes.(Picture apron is Philippa and available here).

Hopefully everyone has a great weekend, I have a stall tomorrow for ReachOut so hopefully that goes well and the weather remains nice :)

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