Thursday, April 28, 2016

Upping my game for the month of May

For the month of May ReachOut is encouraging everyone to Up Your Game to raise awareness of
suicide to do this you can either Step Up - do something you would normally never do or Give Up - give up something for the whole month. When I got the email in my inbox encouraging me to sign up I knew I wanted to do it but I had no idea what I would do. There were a few ideas but none really clicked, my Mum suggested I give up sugar to which I asked her if she wanted to suffer for the whole month. It was only at Bible Study when someone suggested I give up my laptop (and offered to sponsor me if I did) that I knew I had found something!
I mainly use my laptop for Netflix and watching shows so for me to give it up would be challenging but I figure I can survive it. I will have access to the family computer but that means working around the family and no Netflix.

FAQs surrounding me giving up my laptop:

Why just your laptop why not screens completely? Because I need to survive! I also need to apply for jobs, keep in touch with people and keep up with the world. I will admit that I may have a binge watching addiction so this is a way to curb that while also allowing myself some freedom.

Won't you able to watch Netflix on your phone and ipod? No because as of Saturday night I am deleting both apps off of my phone and ipod. I am also planning on using minimal youtube for the month of May as well.

How much are you hoping to raise? Initially it was $500 but I have since decreased that to $250 as I am hoping to do another 5km walk for ReachOut in July and don't want people to feel preassured to donate to both.

How do you plan survive the month of May? By reading lots of books, I also have quite a few DVDs that I want to catch up on including Heros, Bones, Friday Night Lights and the first season of my beloved Greek plus I wouldn't mind rewatching the first 2 seasons of Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Where can we support you? Here you can also sign up to Up Your Game as well. Every bit counts and you know that it will be going to support ReachOut. I only do crazy things like this for organisations I am passionate and love about so you know I must love ReachOut!

Now if you excuse me I have some binge watching to do before May starts!

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