Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hitting the point

I hit have that point, the point when I am over being unemployed, the point when I begin to wonder if it would be worthwhile to use my life savings and just run, the point where I overthink every little thing, the point where I begin to think that I have made a big mistake.
I have hit this point sooner than I expected and its crept up on me, one day I was fine the next I was stress eating and wanting to scream. I know I should just trust God and know that this is all part of his plan but I am having trouble seeing it.
I have been baking like crazy because when I bake I feel useful and that feeling is what I need. Plus its cheaper than shopping which I really can't afford at the moment.
There are very few jobs to apply for recently which isn't helping me survive this.
I have looked at the numbers and the bigger picture and I know in order to survive both financially and mentally I will need to work around 20 hours a week preferably full days so I have at least 2 days to breathe. I want to help people and ReachOut is that outlet for me, I want to start up my studies again and I want to be able to do it while working without burning out.
At the end of the day I will survive hitting the point though I may come out with some bruises I will survive it and I know God will help me through it.

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