Friday, January 20, 2017

A year ago today

Today is the 20th of January a day I don't think I will ever forget (not just because its my best friends birthday!). On this day last year I walked into the (scary) driver and vehicle licensing centre prepared to take the theory test the first step to getting my license back after loosing it (which we won't go into!). I had arrived before work trying to ignore the anxiety in my chest and doubts that I may never get my license back (and thinking that maybe it was worth selling my car which I had just paid off). I walked in there took a number and had this urge to pray, I don't think I had felt such a need to pray like this before so there in the licensing centre I started to pray shutting off the world around me and asking that if there was any way possible that I could get my license back that day. In my mind it was so far fetched that I had more of a change of winning a million dollars (which I could then pay for a chauffer to drive me around!) than getting my license back.
I remember doing my breathing exercises as I walked up to the counter when my number was called and anxiously waiting as the lady at the counter said there was a chance I could get my license back while continuing to pray that I would soon be on the roads.
The joy I felt when she told me that I could get my license back that day was indescribable and that moment it really sunk in that all along God had a plan and would provide for me.

I am currently in a transition season with being unemployed, I never wanted to be back here but I am trying to find any job. Yet even though I may not have a job yet God has been providing for me, I have an amazing employment support agency I cannot sing their praises highly enough! They are the people that see me as not just a number on their books but as a person who has struggles but with enough support I will get through them. They push my resume on any company that may be suitable and believe that its only a short amount of time before I get a job. Whenever I feel the doubt start to creep in that I won't ever get a job, I just have to remind myself that God provided for me in what seemed like such an impossible situation and he will once again provide for me in this situation. God provides for us even when we have no idea what he is doing and are starting to doubt it and this time last year was a huge reminder of that fact.

A year ago I got my license back, a year ago I rang my Mum up with tears of joy in my eyes telling her to think of the impossible and that it happened, a year ago I texted my Dad the good news who then texted as many people as he could telling them, a year ago I wanted to shout it from the rooftops that my God is an awesome God and a year ago I learnt what it means when God provides even though at times I doubt it.
Here's the post I wrote on this day last year.

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Fischers in Peru said...

A wonderful testimony, Erin! Lotsaluv, Dad xxxooo