Friday, January 27, 2017

Five Friday Favourites

Every week I think maybe I will have a chance to blog more and every week it never happens! I am sure once all my regular programs start with the new school term, things will get back into routine.

Goodness Me Box - Jocelyn is a bit of health nut and loves experimenting in the kitchen with various healthy recipes and products but it can be super hard to stay on top of all the new health food trends. We've since discovered Goodness Me Box and it's a great to discover new health food products without a huge cost and they even include recipe ideas and ways to use the products. It's also extremely cost effective at $25 (or less if you choose the 3/6/12 month subscription packages) and every box is easily worth double that in value! Febuary's box is sweet treats and looks like a great way to treat yourself minus the guilt :)

Paper Pretty Happy Mail - I love to craft and make cards, so it was fun to discover that for $10 a month I can get some fun craft things mailed out to me. Mine just arrived today and it was filled with loads of cute card making items, its a great pick me up and for the price it's not a big purchase either :) I can't wait to get creating and I loved the papers and washi tape I received.

Dusk Candles - I've never been a huge candle person but recently I have been loving dusk candles and enjoy the scents and designs. I grabbed quite a few on clearance and I love how they make the house smell. I tend to stick to sweet scents and while they can be overpowering these candles aren't and give a nice subtle scent.

Nude by Nature Natural Wonders Eyeshadow palate - this is probably my most reached for eyeshadow palate and the pigment and quality is great! I was really hesitant to buy it mainly because I didn't need another eyeshadow palate and would I really use it that much but I am glad I did. The colours are great and ones that I actually use on a regular basis and its mineral makeup so great for your skin.

I am currently keeping a list of upcoming movies I want to see in cinemas in the next few months and at the top of my list is Power Rangers. Which is an odd choice for me but it looks like a great film and its not a chick flick so I should be able to convince some people to come see it with me (why are people so against chick flicks these days?!).

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