Friday, March 23, 2012

Things I am loving at the moment

I am currently loving so many things so here is a list of the top items:
  • Britt Nicole's latest album Gold is so good, it was released today on iTunes and its amazing. I have been listening to it nonstop today and each time it just gets better.
  • Easter is soon (I think this time in 2 weeks it will be Good Friday) and I am loving getting ready for it. Today I made ten chicks using Mum's sewing machine for Easter and they turned out super cute.
  • Chocolate, self explanitory every girls need her chocolate.
  • The weather is getting cooler which is nice, I can't wait to wear my boots and jeans every day and not have to worry about wearing my sunglasses everytime I walk to the bus or shops. Also bring on the rain!
  • Reading and putting my feet up when I get home from a full on day of TAFE.
  • Almost being halfway with my TAFE course I am honestly really happy and proud of myself, now I have to pray I get the perfect job for me.
This is just a taste of the things I am loving at the moment :)

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