Friday, March 2, 2012

A very random post

Its been a week since I have posted and once again I am kicking myself for not doing it often! I have the time, I could post here most days yet when I have the time to do it I am either uninspired or it doesn't cross my mind (I am really considering sticking a sight to the computer monitor that says 'Have you blogged yet/today?'). Which is why I am doing it right now even though I have no idea what to type about. For some reason I feel like doing a list of random things that have happened this past week, so please enjoy:

  • I finally drove today after not having driven a car since December. I did ok and didn't kill anything (or anyone).
  • I finally used my Mum's sewing machine (I would say new but we have had it for 3 years, but its still new to me as I didn't use it until today) and made 2 cute owls in under an hour, they aren't yet complete as we have to buy some stuffing for them and I need to sew on there eyes but they turned out really and I had no disasters (read yelling at the machine).
  • I had TAFE homework that I should've done today, but honestly I couldn't be bothered installing the program on the computer (my dear Father has put this lock on the computer which means you need either his or Mum's password (which I don't know) to install or download a program) I will get around to doing it just I didn't do it today.
  • My kitten, Chickpea has been catching us lizards and cockcroaches then bringing them into the living room and playing with them, its the thought that counts right?
  • I finally won a battle against my parents, I don't have to go to church with them in the morning! As long as I go to church at night. They said it would be nice if I went with them on a Sunday morning but they are not forcing me to. I am so happy about this.
  • On Sunday it will be a year since my ball. I can't believe how fast time flies!
    So this is my very random post, I hope you enjoyed now please excuse while I go and try to catch a kitten who currently chasing a fly and may do some damage to the house if I don't distract her!

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