Monday, June 22, 2015

Life After High School

I found my old high school year books, I honestly thought I had misplaced them and yet there they were in such an obvious spot forgotten but still there. I found myself drawn to 2011's the year I graduated, something that not many people felt possible for me as there was a period where my anxiety was so bad, yet I graduated. I flipped through reading random articles before landing on the back pages where my classmates and I had profiles. I found a few familiar faces, faces of the people I keep in touch with, faces of the people I would say hi to in the shops or meet up for coffee with, the rest I would avoid even if I did happen to recognise them. High school wasn't easy for me, and like I said before it was a miracle that I even graduated as there was a time when my anxiety was so bad that high school was my least favourite place in the world.
When you're in high school its your whole world, you care what your classmates think about you, you feel like if you fail a test its the end of the world, there is a pressure to work out what to do with your life and how you need to choose your career now, none of that matters. You will learn not care what people think, failing isn't the end of the world as there are so many options in the real world and you can change your career as much as you want.
In the years after high school, my life has been challenging and there have been times where I have wanted to give up (and I almost have) but I have become more myself. I have taken challenges and risks, I have put myself out there more, my self confidence has grown and I have learnt how to manage my own life now there aren't teachers and parents (well not often!) in my face telling me what to do.
Yes life after high school may more challenging yet in the real world you can be you and you can change yourself as much as you want because you're finally free.

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