Thursday, June 4, 2015

Life sucks

Life sucks at times, there are times when you just want to lock yourself in a room and never come out. Because your anger and assertiveness got the better of you and you hurt a friend, or you get an email telling you that you will have to wait another few days because you the recruitment process for a job you went for is taking longer than expected or you just feel physically and emotionally tired and you don't know why. There are days when you just want the tears to fall but they won't no matter how hard you try, where you are mad at the world and at yourself and where you aren't sure what to feel.
Sometimes it seems like you have fallen down a rabbits hole and you're in a world you don't recognise and you don't know whether you like it or not. Maybe you don't like what you see in the mirror or you don't recognise the person looking back at you. Its easy to tell others not to be too hard on themselves but when it comes to yourself its a lot easier said than done and you find yourself beating yourself up over and over again.
The important thing to remember is that its ok to feel all of the above and its ok to want to scream at the world as long as the next day you pick yourself up and realise that yes life sucks at times but it won't always.

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