Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Thoughts I had while walking 5km today

  • Lets do this, 5km isn't that far how hard can it be?
  • There's a marker, ok so it says 1.5km so in order to walk 5km I will need to reach the marker that says 4km then turn around and walk back.
  • Time to blast some music, yay for downloading the latest Hilary Duff album!
  • This isn't to bad so far.
  • There's the next marker only .5 of a km walked?! Stay focused.
  • Try to keep up a decent pace.
  • I wonder what the other walkers think of me? Forget about them stay focused!
  • Oh wow I have already walked 1.5km's only 1 more to go then I can turn around and walk back.
  • Why did I choose to do this on the coldest days in the year so far?!
  • Stay focused, this is training for the run/walk you are doing on the 26th of July.
  • Why did I sign up for the walk? That's right ReachOut needed more Youth Ambassadors to participate and you thought it would be good to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • Where's the next marker?
  • Only 500 metres until you reach the halfway point.
  • Ok I am halfway now to head back.
  • This isn't so bad.
  • I wonder how sore I will be tomorrow?
  • This song is one of my favourites.
  • Ok 3.5kms done.
  • I really should walk around the lake more, its such a beautiful place considering its so close to home.
  • This water tastes weird, I really should've filled it with clean water before I left.
  • 1km to go! I can't believe my pace has stayed the same the whole way round.
  • Maybe I should try running some of next time? Oh wait do I have a death wish, lets just stick to walking.
  • 500 metres left! I think I can see my car.
  • There's the final marker, so close!
  • What's my final time? Around 45 minutes, that's not too bad. Hopefully I can better it next week!
  • Made it! Now to recover before attempting it again next week.
If you want to help make walking 5km a bit easier please sponsor me here all money raised goes towards ReachOut :)

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