Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The big picture

I had nothing set in stone for today and after having a restless night (waking up at 3.00am, then at 4.30am until 5.50am drifting off for about an hour and a half) I decided that today I would relax and do nothing.
The next couple of weeks are crazy busy with our churches school holiday program (which runs every morning) all of next week and then its onto movie night prep for my first ever ReachOut event which is the following Friday. So I thought I deserve at least one day when I can just hang around home and do nothing.
Don't get me wrong I love being busy and its great to be needed, but I do need some down time which is going to be at the bottom of my list for the next couple of weeks.
At this stage I am helping out every morning for the holiday program but that's subject to job interviews - which I am madly praying that I will get one as I have applied for a job which seems promising!
I can't believe that another school term has almost passed and still nothing on the job front! I hate being in this between stage and would love it to end preferably sooner rather than later.
Saying that this past term has been one for growth and I can't believe what I have achieved. If you had told me in January this year that I would be a Youth Ambassador for ReachOut and organising a major event for it I would've called you crazy and ran for the hills but here I am in the middle of it and loving it. I have completed 2 units for my diploma of business which is 1 unit a term this is despite me having a major hiccup and going back to see my psych in the middle of my first unit. My self confidence has grown majorly and friends and family have noticed. I have grown so much in myself and find it hard to believe that I am same the person I was in January. A while ago I was complaining that its will be 2 years of unemployed this July and one of my friends told me that I needed to look at the bigger picture and realise that I have achieved a lot in those years. I am open to being spontaneous, taking risks and putting myself out there more yes I still like to be in control of things but if something major happens it isn't likely to affect me as much as it once did.
I know when I do get a job there will be a lot less issues, yes my anxiety will wreak havoc on me and won't make things easy but I will survive it and things will be easier. Now if only I can find that perfect job that God has set aside for me.

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