Monday, June 1, 2015

Playing catch up

My studies and blog it appears have taken a back burner to my life at the moment. This wasn't intentional but it just worked out that way as for the past week my life has seriously been crazy! I have reached the point where I feel like I should have a sign around my neck telling people that just because I am currently (hopefully not for much longer) unemployed doesn't mean you can volunteer/ask me for everything. I always feel guilty saying no to people even when I have a good excuse and they ask me at the last minute to do things. Don't get me wrong I like helping people and volunteering, its just I am focused on Youth Ambassador work for Reach Out (organising a movie night) at the moment and I don't have much time for anything else when it comes to the volunteering part of my life.
I went to see my psych last Tuesday and she commented on how I confident I sounded and acted she could also see that I was handling things much better than before. This isn't due to some magic pill but because I feel like I have a purpose which in the past is what got me down, people put so much value into what they do and it put me down to say that I was just looking for work. Now when people ask what I do I tell them I am studying to get my Diploma in Business Administration, I am a Youth Ambassador for Reach Out which is something I am passionate about, I blog AND I am looking for work. This has given me such a confidence boost and I have noticed the changes in how I think about myself, yes I am still looking for work but I am also doing so much more!
My job interview last Monday went amazingly and for once having anxiety was an advantage. In the interview I got asked what I knew about mental illness (it would be working in a psych office) and to be able to say confidently that I live with one on a daily basis and am a Youth Ambassador for Reach Out which helps promote awareness of mental illness in young adults. I asked what made my resume stand out for them and they said it was because they had heard of Reach Out and like what we do was a big part of it (along with my other experience of course). I hear back later this week and I am praying so hard that I get this job as it would make things so much easier.
As much as I like how busy my life has gotten lately, I do feel like I am playing catch up in a lot of areas of course that is such a small price to pay for the benefits of being so busy.

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