Friday, July 3, 2015

Five Friday Favourites

This week has been such a great week! I honestly can't remember the last time I have had a week this great.
On Wednesday I met with some of the (amazing) Youth Ambassadors for coffee. I had been feeling a bit discouraged and overwhelmed with the movie night (2 weeks to go!!!) but I got so many compliments and offers for help regarding the event and it was just what I needed! Then while I was there my phone rang and it was about the interview I had been praying about. Today I went to that interview and I think it went well. I am just happy that I got an opportunity to interview for this position at a place I would love to work at. I will find out sometime next week which is thankfully very busy as I am helping out at my church's holiday program so though I will have my phone on me I won't be just sitting there waiting for it to ring like I have been in the past.

Can't Let You Go (Katie Parker Production book 4) by Jenny B Jones - I loved the Katie Parker
Production series in high school, there is something about Katie that I loved plus her crazy foster grandma Maxine always made me laugh. When I was looking at books online and came across the latest in the series I might've done a happy dance! The blurb reads (taken from the link above):

Fresh out of college, Katie Parker had it all—a charming romance, a role in a famous stage production, and an idyllic life in London. Until she found her boyfriend cheating and got herself fired from the play. Leaving everything behind, Katie hops a plane home, only to run into her first love, Charlie Benson. As the couple returns to In Between, Katie questions everything she ever thought she wanted—including a renewed romance with her high school flame.
While she attempts to rebuild her life, Katie’s plan to manage the family’s theatre meets a devastating obstacle, dragging her into a legal battle that will rock her small town. And the boy who once broke her heart seems to have the power to do it again. As Charlie’s secrets unravel, Katie must make a choice. Can she overcome her past and trust Charlie with her heart again?

I loved this book so much and it felt like rekindling an old friendship. I read a lot in Winter so this book was perfect to curl up with.

Stitchers - I admit I am a TV junkie and see nothing wrong with spending an afternoon binge watching a few shows. When I saw this one I had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. It follows Kristen a bright girl who is recruited to get 'stitched' into the minds of the deceased accessing their memories leading up to the deaths to help solve murders. Along with Cameron a skilled and brilliant neuroscientist, Maggie the brains of the operation, Linus a bioelectrical engineer and Camille Kristen's roommate who is studying a PHD in computer science.
This show is fast paced and I find myself having to watch every episode twice just to get the full experience, if you like murder mysteries like Bones or just want to watch something out of the box this show is worth looking into.

Libra Hotties - These are winter must for me! If I am out at night and know I will be freezing or my lower back is playing up I just stick one of these on and I am good for at least the next 5 hours (though in my experience they have lasted me up to 8 hours). These are amazing and once you have tried them you won't know what you did without them! I always keep a pack or two around and will stocktake them when they come on sale, as you never know when you will need them.

Hilary Duff Breathe In. Breathe Out. - I spent my early teen years listening to Hilary Duff so when she (finally) released her latest album I downloaded it straightaway. It's a great album and the songs are catchy. I love the song Night Like This which is duet with Kendall Schmidt (from Heffron Drive and Big Time Rush) and it has great story in the lyrics. Of course there are plenty of other great tracks such as Tattoo which was written by Ed Sheeran and Arms Around a Memory. This album has a more mature sound to it but its still the same Hilary Duff I have loved since Lizzie McGuire.

I love Buzzfeed videos and the following 2 videos have made me laugh so much lately and are really well done.

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