Friday, July 24, 2015

I wanted this week to be quiet

I have sat down to write a post so many times this past week but life decided to get hectic, as much as I wanted this week to be quiet it didn't.
Monday and Tuesday were a blur and I have no idea what exactly happened on those 2 days! On Wednesday it was job interview time which went really well and I will find out if I have a job within the next two weeks. It was really nice to go in and know the people and the place which made it a lot less nerve wracking and I felt my interview was on point. I actually ran into two people I had worked with before the interview and they were really happy for me which was nice. The job had 200 applicants and they had to close the advert early to prevent more. This is actually the average amount of applicants for admin jobs at the moment which is crazy when you think about it! I was 1 of 6 interviewed and there are 2 jobs going (I think there now may be 3 jobs going now but I'm unsure?) which puts me at better odds than any other job I have gone for. If I get one of the jobs I know my anxiety won't be as bad as I know the place and some of the people there which will make things a lot easier (one of my triggers is new situations and though this will still be a new situation it won't be as new if that makes any sense). I have always throughout my job hunting process that God has the right job out there for me and I will get it at the right time so if this job isn't the one for me there will be a better job out there.
In other news on Sunday I do my run (well walk) for ReachOut, I picked up my bib today (along with 2 other youth ambassadors bibs) and it feels very real! There is still time to sponsor me click here and every dollar goes to ReachOut which is such a great organisation. I have actually managed to reach my target amount by an additional $104.50 which is amazing and I am so thankful to those who have supported me. I still can't believe that I have signed up to do this, in high school I HATED cross country and would use every excuse in the book to get out of it but thankfully I can walk it all and there won't be scary PE teachers telling me to run faster. Having Dyspraxia means that running is a bit of challenge for me (I can't run properly and when I do run I get strange looks) plus I am asthmatic so power walking it is. I actually like power walking and find its something that I can do which compared to most other sports I am extremely bad at (and am a safety hazard to other people when I do participate in them). The one thing I am dreading is getting up at 5.30am and having to be there at 7.00am. I would call myself a morning person but by morning I mean 7.00am not 5.30am! I am sure once I get there it won't be a big deal it just means that tomorrow night will be an early night and I may have to set a few hundred alarms (sorry Jocelyn!) to get me up.
Next week I will be back to more regular posting (hopefully!) along with a recount of how the walk went :)

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