Saturday, July 18, 2015

Movie night update

Last night was my first ever event for ReachOut! I think I did ok and I know my next event will go much more smoothly. I raised $68 which isn't bad for my first attempt and considering I am also doing a walk next Sunday which people are sponsoring me for (click here if you want to sponsor me).
In the end there was only 15 of us (including myself, my sister and 6 other youth ambassadors) which was a bit of a blow if I am being honest but at least some people came! I know if the retreat wasn't on there would've been at least another 20 or so. Some people who had intended to go had to pull out last minute due to being sick which sucked, but that couldn't be helped.
As much as a movie night was a good idea it didn't work out mainly because the license cost so much so for my next event (which isn't going to be for a while as the next few months are looking busy so thinking early 2016 maybe?) I am thinking maybe a games night or a quiz night? Something that won't have such a big cost up front but will still be popular. I actually have a presentation coming up for the youth group this term as well which won't take much effort (its only going to be 10 minutes) and will just be myself doing it.
I also want to do a stall in a local shopping centre eventually and have someone to email regarding that which has been on my to do list for so long. I guess I just want to always have something coming up for ReachOut even if its really easy and basic.
I have an interview this Wednesday which is really exiting! I got the call yesterday (it interrupted me freaking out haha) and wasn't expecting to receive a call as the application deadline on Wednesday so I was thinking I would maybe here something on Monday at the earliest if I was successful. This was a big if as the positions are really hard to come by which means its really competitive. Its for the place I did work experience at in year 12 and did temp work at a few years ago. I am getting interviewed by two people I know and have seen me work which makes me feel less nervous (one supervised me when I did work experience there in year 12 the other was my supervisor when I did temp work there). The job is 21 hours which is perfect and I know the place which means my anxiety won't be as intense if I get the job. There are also two positions going so I have a better chance of getting work, I am just praying that this is the job for me!

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