Friday, July 10, 2015

Such a draining week

This week has been so hectic and I am feeling drained in both the emotional and physical sense. The count down is on for the movie night and to say I am nervous with how it will go is an understatement! I had a dream last night and in it everything that could go wrong went wrong (being under prepared, forgetting the dvd, having to go out and buy drinks with minutes to spare and only 10 people turning up were the main things!) its safe to say that I am now writing multiple lists so I won't forget anything!
I guess deep down my biggest concern is not enough people turning up, I really need at least 50 to break even on the movie license and I am aiming for 100. When I first started planning I had (at least)20 people I knew I could count on to turn up to it, but the young adults retreat managed to get booked for that weekend (long story) so they are all going on that. That's probably been the hardest part of organising it, coming to terms that the people I thought would support me (other than the youth ambassadors of course who have all been amazing) aren't going to be there and feeling like my event has been forgotten. I am thankful that a few old high school friends are making the effort to come which is great and the other youth ambassadors have been inviting people as well, so I am praying that there will be some sort of crowd.
I love being a youth ambassador for ReachOut and this is my first ever event that I have organised to this scale and I have been told to look at it as a trial run and not to put so much pressure on myself (which is easier said than done).
I haven't actually spent as much as I would've liked on the planning this week, as I have been helping out at my church's school holiday program which has left me extremely tired and with the beginnings of a cold. It was really fun and full on and it was great teaching the kids about Moses and the stories of Exodus. The theme was Egypt so the kids got to walk through a Sphinx to get into the church, there were pillars with hieroglyphics (each had a different word linked to the days theme on it which the kids had to decode), and a skit each day depicting a bit of the story. There were 4 groups, each with one main leader and a few helpers (I was a helper), on the first day we had to come up with a chant for our group and add to it as the week went on. I was fortunate enough to be in a group which had an extremely talented musician who was able to polish our chant from the first day and put it to music. It was really fun to see the rivalry between the groups especially the leaders, in my bible study 6 of us were helping and we were split between 2 groups so the rivalry was really strong between us all. On Sunday we have a special church service where all the kids families come and we do our chants and finish the rest of the story. As fun as it was I am glad its only once a year and that I have a whole year to recover before next years.
Yesterday I applied for 2 jobs (well technically 3 as one of the jobs has 2 positions) so I am praying that I get an interview for one of those.
As draining as this week has been I wouldn't change it and I am resting up for this coming week which will just be just as draining but hopefully only physically :)

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