Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Box of Memories

I am so confused at the moment! Honestly how do you put these things into words? I want one thing yet my heart is telling me another! I just had it worked out when all of a sudden things happened! I guess what you want and need are completly different things and what you want and God wants are too. Life isn't meant to be easy and sometimes you just need a cry or go for a long run. Its annoying how you can just get your life sorted and then all of a sudden something happens, sometimes the thing happens gradually and other times it just hits you out of the blue. I found the following which I wrote last July on my iPod today and I thought I would share it:
Box of Memories
We all have a box of memories in our mind. 
A box that we don't want to be opened. 
A box that we know that will eventually be opened. 
A box we want and wish to make disappear
A box that will stay with us until we open it and only then will it disappear. 
But sometimes its easier to pretend that its not there.
For after all its just a box . . . full of memories.
(Picture from The Letter Four Blog)

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