Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pet peeves related to the internet

I have a few pet peeves (when ever I write that I always think of the cheeky ghost on Harry Potter why is that?!) when it comes to people using the internet. Most of the time I am easy going when it comes to comments and what people post on the internet if I disagree with what they are saying the chances are I will ignore them but there are a few things that I can't stand as in it drives me mad when people do these things consistently (once is fine, twice I can live with that but three or mores times I am seriously wanting to (virtually) slap you across the head), I get that the internet is a place to express yourself but sometimes if you have nothing good to post why post anything at all? So here are things that people do that drive me mad:
  • Complain about things, I recently read a blog that each and every post was complaining about things and the person kept dwelling on the bad things. I complain about things a bit on the internet but I don't dwell on the things for the whole post. Sure complain a bit on facebook but don't do it all the time and if its on a blog post complain for a little bit but not the whole post!
  • Worthless (and meaning less) status's, ok we do it at times but sometimes its better not posting a thing on facebook for days than posting anything at all. I have had friends post really worthless status's like '23% through my science assignment' (and they continue to post how much they have done until they have done all of it) and honestly I have wanted to throw the computer out the window and its often not just a one off either it is an everyday thing. Sure post something like 'getting through my science assignment wish it wasn't so boring' but not '23% though my science assignment'. If you are going to post a a worthless status consider rewording it to make it less boring or don't post it all.
  • Spelling peoples names without capital letters (ok I feel like a grammar nazi here), I hate it when I see my name spelt with a small 'e' rather than a capital 'E'. It drives me mad that people do that when it doesn't even take that much effort. 
Ok so these are my main peeves to do with internet if you do any of the above maybe think twice before you do.

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