Saturday, April 28, 2012

Things that make me 'me' and a few other things

This past week has been fun but at the same time overwhelming. The 'what if' questions have decided to make themselves known to me, honestly I know they aren't true but I still don't want to have them bouncing around my head. The main question has been: What if I fail TAFE? I know I won't but the question has decided to take up space in my mind. I am honestly hoping this is just a phase and the 'what if' questions will soon vanish. I am trying to get into the swing of TAFE again after a nice break and its hard, it hasn't helped that I got a virus on Wednesday afternoon and spent Thursday and Friday dealing with dizziness and a fever, I braved TAFE on Thursday (it was an afternoon class) and only survived half of it before asking to go home. Apparently on the 2nd day of having the virus you get really emotional and just want to cry so that was me on Thursday, but I am now mostly fine just still feeling weak.

Anyway have you ever though about what makes you you? Like what weird habits or things that you like and when you put them altogether you get what makes you you (ok that probably made not much sense). Well here is a list of things that make me me:
  • When it rains I am suddenly inspired (it is currently raining now).
  • I hate it when it has been raining for a whole day and the clouds move and you can see the sun and blue sky, I wish the clouds would move away at night. Its strange I know.
  • I used to wake up really early as a kid (think 6.00am) and now I find it hard to get out of bed at 7.00am.
  • I can never do a big assignment all in one go, I have to space it out over a few days.
  • I want so badly to be able to walk in heels but I can't. I am hoping that with practice I will be able to (my sister will probably laugh when she reads this).
  • I need lipbalm and lipgloss. Honestly without them my lips are dry and unshiny which I hate.
  • I zone out if I am tired or the topic is boring which means I blurt out random things if you ask me a question.
  • I am a country girl at heart, though I live near the city and like being close to it, but the country air helps me breath. 
  • When I was younger I used to write lists of things I needed to do or stuff I didn't want to forget (like what the weather was going to be) and sometimes I still do.
  • I sleep with door open just a notch, if not I have a restless sleep.
  • I always turn the TV on if I am cooking, just so I can look up and take small brakes when I am baking. I always done this, I have no idea why I just do.
These are just a few of the things that make me 'me', truth be told there are ALOT MORE things that I could add to this list but I am beginning to dose off as I am writing this so its off to bed I go :)

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