Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crazy Things

Once again I have butterflies in my stomach and no idea why! Seriously they like to randomly appear for no reason, I am hoping they go away soon :) here are a few crazy things that I have noticed recently about myself:
  • I own all the new Cinderella movies :A Cinderella Story starring Hilary Duff, Another Cinderella Story starring Selena Gomez and the latest one A Cinderella Story Once Upon a Song starring Lucy Hale. No idea why, but I do and they often get watched on a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoons :)
  •  I am honestly not a very touchy feely person, I don't mind hugs but they have to be from the right person or given with my consent. The funny thing is my youngest sister is very touchy feely person.
  • I love The Body Shop watermelon lipbalm its the main lipbalm I use (there is another brand but have forgotten what its called as it was given to me from my Mum as a gift) and I love it! On average one pot lasts me a year as you only need a small amount.
  • I hated wearing stockings because I had to wear them for school but now that I don't I am fine wearing them and most of my dresses (minus one or two) can be worn with them.
  • I love having people over for dinner and cooking for them. Since starting a new church which neither of my parents go to I have found its good to invite some of them over to dinner so my parents can meet them and then they can put  faces to the names of the people I talk about.
  • I went and saw Mirror Mirror for the 2nd time and still enjoyed it. I actually liked having seen it before as it meant that I could focus more on the charcters and costumes rather than the plot.
  • I need to learn to say no more, whenever I walk into a shop and when I purchase something and they offer me a store card I always feel rude saying no! I have a stack of cards in my wallet because of this and I rarely use most of them.
  • I hate carrying around spare change (coins) if I have spare change I will most likely spend it or give it to my Mum (we have a jar in our house full of 5 and 10 cent pieces).
There are seriously some of the crazy things that I do :)

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