Thursday, April 18, 2013

A better week

This week has been a better week, though it has been a lot like last week. I have had no interviews and no jobs have been advertised that match what I am looking for, but I have been busy which has made a huge difference. I went into the city to meet a friend on Monday for coffee and did a bit of shopping, I got my Mum a Mothers Day gift (I like to be organised) and bought myself a blue nose friend because sometimes you just need a little pick me up :). Tuesday was spent trying to catch up on sleep and I went shopping for a pair of jeans at my local Good Sammys (Op shop/thrift shop) and I found the perfect pair in near new condition for only $5 they fit me perfectly and are exactly what I wanted. Wednesday I had an employment agency meeting which went well, we disscussed my mock interview that I had the other week to see if my interview technique needs working on and the possibilty of getting work experience at a business that works with kids with disabilities (that deals with my sister who has Down Syndrome) and a driving lesson which I survived. Today I caught up on sleep and didn't get out of bed until 11.00am (my sleep has been off the past week and I have been lucky to get 5 hours so I managed to get a full 11 hours of deep sleep) and then decided to make buttermilk scones which turned out amazingly and ate 5 of them because I could.

School holidays start on Friday which means the next two weeks should fly by, as having sisters and Mum home? Means theres never a dull moment and always lots to do.

The above photo is of my Blue Nose Friend (I have wanted one for ages), a skunk which I have named Blossom and the photo on the left is of my latest obession: fabric tape which I purchased off ebay ($5 for all the rolls including postage), I know one of the big trends on Pintrest is Washi tape but fabric tape has so many more uses and is more durable.

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