Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Promises are things that are made easily and often thrown around like they mean nothing. Almost every advert on TV promises you something, "This hair style tool will make you throw away all your other styling tools!" "Your hair will want to make you jump for joy when you use this shampoo" "This knife will always be sharp!" "When you give your kids these vitamins you will notice a change in their behaviour, IQ and they will be little angels!" "Your cat will dance with you when you give them this cat food" these are just some of the promises products make, very little of them are true. Promises are not only thrown around in advertisments but in real life too and it can seem like the only point of promising something is to make the person happy for a short period then make them upset when they realise it isn't true.

This attitude can then be transferred onto promises that actually mean something and matter such as marriage vows. The divorce rate is quite high and is always raising partly due to people getting told when you marry someone it isn't a permanent thing and its ok to change your mind after a few years. For Christians marriage is a sacred thing and the wedding vows are not only a promise to each other but to God too.

In the bible God promises many and each one happens. After the floods he promised that there would never be big flood again and sure parts of the world do flood but none of them have ever been even remotely close in size to the one Noah built the ark for. He promised that whoever believes in him shall go to heaven and live with him forever and its the truth. God has promised many things and each one he meant, he didn't promise something then go back on it.

Promises should never be taken lightly, though in this society they often are and its sad. Next time you promise something mean it.

This post has been sitting in the draft section of my blog for quite some time but when a friend liked the above picture on Facebook, I felt I should finish it off. 

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