Sunday, April 21, 2013


I love Pinterest and I love finding quotes that I can relate to so here are the quotes that have touched me most recently, just because its a Sunday and sometimes we all need encouragement.
I found this one today and it really hit me. I also thinks it applies to me in rekindling relationships and why God brought people who I haven't seen in years back into my life when he did (especially most recently!).

 When I was 15 in my Christian Education class we all had to give a talk on a random topic the teacher choose for each of us. I got Love and I remember saying that God is Love and without God there is no Love.
I ask myself this question daily.
and this is how I answer the above question
Something we all should do more and need to be reminded of.
Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is realise that you need to move on no matter how much is hurts to accept it.
Wise words.
Very true and no one should ever doubt it.
He will never leave you.
Something I need to work on. I am finally learning that when I am worrying to pray.
Being yourself will get you the guy in the long run.
More wise words
Something I need to work on.
God will help you no matter how broken your heart is.

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