Friday, January 29, 2016


Following up on this post I felt I should let you guys know that I have put in my resignation letter today and will officially finish up 2 weeks from now. I honestly never wanted to be put in this position but at the end of the day it came down to 2 things my mental health and whether I saw this job ever getting easier, I didn't and when I realised that everyday I felt closer to burning out, I knew this job wasn't the one for me. I prayed about it, spoke to my pyschologist and employment agency about it, voiced my concerns with friends and at the end of the day I knew that I couldn't keep going. Its bittersweet to hand in my resignation and I have no idea what the future holds and a part of me is ok with that (the other part is wondering what the hell I am doing). I meet with my employment agency first thing on Monday morning and we will discuss my future employment wise, I am thinking either something more business behind the scenes based (data entry maybe?) and less people focused or I am open to doing some more caring type work or maybe just taking a break and doing retail for a while. I honestly have no idea and I am open to anything, I am just going to pray about it and see where God leads me. For now I am craving a chance to focus on ReachOut, my studies and myself.

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