Sunday, January 24, 2016

Through Those Doors

Last night I sat looking around the crazy people I call my friends all because of the church I go to. We played board games until late, chatted and just enjoyed each others company. These guys have been my biggest supporters and helped me through the tough times, when I lost my license (can't believe I can type 'when' there!) one of them offered to give me lifts home from work because she worked and lived near me (miss you L!). When I struggled with unemployment they picked me up and took me out for coffee and prayed for me.
Being a pastors kid means that I have had my fair share of churches and its tough finding your place in one. I have experienced small churches, medium churches and big churches at some stage in my life. I have gone to churches where I am not the pastors kid and am currently on my 4th church where I am the pastors kid (3rd I can remember).
The church I am now at has a history with me, at the end of year 12 my Dad left his job as a pastor where he had held the position for 7 years to study and my parents decided to go to this one but I didn't feel like I fit in and went to another one ( partly because I think I wanted to be my own person and not connected to my parents). I lasted at that church for over a year but when the position of associate pastor came up at this church and the position was perfect for my Dad I felt like I should give the church another chance. I did end up doing the whole juggling 2 churches thing for a while but eventually felt drawn to this one and after making it official last year by becoming a member I have no desire to leave.
I have grown in this church and know I will do a lot more growing behind those doors in the years to come. I have been recruited to do Sunday school, help out at holiday programs (which left me with a killer cold and took a week to recover from!) and bake for many events (mainly thanks to my Dad) and each one has allowed me to showcase my gifts.
The community of this church is amazing with board games every Saturday night with the young adults and knowing that you can call on anyone in the congregation when you are down. I am proud to tell people where I go to church and what we are known for (ultimate Frisbee, board games and puns) and know that no matter how bad I am feeling and what has been going on in my life I can walk through those doors and feel at peace.

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