Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Such a God Thing

So today was exactly 3 months since I lost my license so it meant I could finally start to get it back. I had spent the past 2 nights doing practice theory tests and my lowest score was 25 out of 30 which was still a pass (you need 24/30 to pass) but despite that I was feeling anxious because my anxiety likes to flare up and make my life hell. I managed to beg my Dad to drive me to the licensing centre near my work because there was no way I was going to survive public transport. I walked into the centre armed with the paperwork and my ID points, I passed a girl walking out with an instructor to take her test looking extremely anxious and I sent a quick prayer that she would pass and prayed that my next practical test would go well.
I walked up to the counter and explained that I was there to sit my theory test and start to get my license back and I get given a number and told to wait. Those few minutes were hell and I began to pray that if there was anyway possible that I wouldn't need to sit the practical test that it would happen and I felt a sense of peace come over me. Eventually my ticket was called and I walked up to the counter, the lady was extremely nice (unlike the last lady I had dealt with at the licensing centre) and told me that she had to do an internal email with my license number because things had changed and there was a chance I wouldn't need to sit any tests. While she did that I continued to pray as I figured if there was any chance that I wouldn't need to sit any tests it would be up to god.
While I waited for the email I presented the various forms of ID required and she called up the main office to make sure my medical certificate was still valid as if you are any form of anxiety medication you have to declare it (it was until 2019) and continued to pray. Eventually the email arrived and I was told that I could get my license back then and there!
I almost fell over because I was not expecting it at all but apparently there was a note on my file by the police chief saying that I didn't need to pass any tests. So I paid $53 and had my photo re-taken for my license and walked out of  there unsure whether to cry from relief or scream to the world that I got my license back. I did neither and instead called my Mum and as soon as she picked up I asked her 'What would be the ideal situation to happen for me regarding my license?' she answered hesitantly back that I didn't need to take the test and when I told her that I had my license back she couldn't believe it, I then called my Dad and he had the same reaction (and he texted a few people tell them the news). I also texted Gem as we had been texting leading up to it and it was also her Birthday and my pastor as he was down on the youth group camp where Jocelyn was as I had no idea if she had her phone or not and figured that was best way to get the news to her.
I couldn't believe it and I still can't as honestly its nothing short of a miracle! All along I was fine to do the time but the thought of having to resit the practical test made me want to hide. I just feel like this is a such a God thing and to be able to drive to work tomorrow is amazing!

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