Thursday, April 23, 2015

All about Jocelyn

Continuing with the sister interviews today :) Jocelyn is my youngest sister there is almost exactly 4 years between us.
When we were little we had to share room which my parents soon learned that it was a bad idea, we kept waking them up at 5.30 every morning. She is also the neat one in the family and I am the organised but messy one so as soon as we moved house it was separate rooms for us. We still fight but it means we get our own spaces.
She will also demand me to bake her various goods such as Cinnamon Scrolls, brownies and her all time favourite swirly cookies. I swear she has a sixth sense when it comes to my baking because as soon as I bake one of her favourites she will randomly appear!
She gets annoyed when I watch Bones without her and when she is sick she always watches Alice in Wonderland (in any version, of which we have many on DVD).
She has the reputation of being the crazy cat lady among her friends so she has quite the collection of cat themed things. She blames me (for some reason?) but I think that may be because she babies her cat Maddy to no end.

Name:  Jocelyn Clare 
Age: 16   
Favourite colour(s): Green and navy blue 
Favourite food:  Curry
Favourite snack: Fruit
Favourite ice cream flavour: Cookies and cream  
Favourite drink: Boost Juice  
Favourite movie(s):  Letters to Juliet
Favourite TV show(s): Bones 
Favourite book(s):  Delirum Series
Favourite band/singer: Relient K  
Favourite subject at school:  Art
Favourite place in the world: Cheynes beach   

Dogs or cats Cats 
Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire Lizzie McGuire  
City or country both  
Book or movie depends what mood I'm in  
Essay or speech Speech  
Summer or winter Winter 
Night in or night out night in  
Facebook or twitter facebook   

What is the most annoying thing I do on a regular basis: Talk about odd things or in a weird voice 
What's the worst thing I have ever done to you:  Um, i dont know..? 
What's the best thing I have ever done to you: Bake me yummy desserts. 
On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) how is my driving: There's always room for improvement   

Finish these sentences: 
I can often be found in my bedroom 
If I had unlimited funds I would give it away to worthy causes/charities/people 
The last time I laughed the hardest was very recently... I laugh a lot 
My favourite cat is Maddy because she's my cat... And she's such a cutie  
I like to annoy Erin by being her sister  

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