Tuesday, April 21, 2015

All about Megan

As you may know I have 2 younger sisters, Megan is the middle one, she also has Down Syndrome. There is just under 2 and a half years between us and when she was born apparently I was proud and super exited (I don't remember much from when she born). She's the one that makes the house noisy and filled with joy. She is also always saying the funniest things, to give you an idea of what she's like here are some of the conversations we have had and things she has said:

Megan: What are you doing?
Me Just chilling
Megan: Oh I did not see that coming!

Dad walks into the house after being in the shed (or man cave as we call it) most of the day.
Megan: Dad what are you doing in the house?!
Dad: I don't know *walks out*

Megan's shower solo: "And now I'm getting out of the shower, my mum is so crazy... Oh yeah!!"

Its safe to say that she makes the house a lot more lively! So here are the basics (these are similar questions to what I asked my youngest sister just toned down and done to her level) of Megan :)

Name: Megan Joy
Age: 18

Favourite colour(s): Pink and Purple
Favourite food: Chips and chocolate
Favourite snack: Yogurt
Favourite ice cream flavour: Simmos Mars Bar
Favourite drink: Milk shake
Favourite movie(s): Cinderella
Favourite TV show(s): Big Time Rush
Favourite book(s): One Direction Poster Book
Favourite band/singer: Big Time Rush, Taylor Swift, One Direction
Favourite subject at school: Art
Favourite place in the world: Home

Dogs or cats Cats (like Rikki)
Hannah Montana or Lizzie McGuire Both!
City or country City
Book or movie Movie
Summer or winter Summer

Who is your best friend? Amy
What do you like to do on weekend Shopping
On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) how is my driving: Good driver!

Finish these sentences:
I can often be found watching dvds
My favourite cat is Rikki because he is really cute
I like to annoy Erin by  singing loudly

As you can see she is one of a kind and I am very blessed to have her in my life!

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