Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Review: How to Catch a Prince

I am so happy to get to review this book! I have mentioned before on here how much I love Rachel Hauck, her books are the type I love to read when I need an escape, they allow me to enter in to modern fairy tales. Since getting my license I have had to cut down on a few luxuries one of which has been buying books, the cost of freedom! One night I was tweeting about how I really wanted to read How to Catch a Prince but I couldn't justify downloading it onto my e-reader and how I was waiting for the moment of weakness when I would download it and have the money. Rachel tweeted me back and despite living all the way in America she offered to send me a copy to read which she also signed. After waiting 3 long weeks it finally arrived and though I really wanted to read right then and there I decided that I would save it for when I needed a pick me up. A week after receiving the copy I finally sat down to read it and just finished it today.

The Royal Wedding series is such a great series in that each book is a standalone novel but they are all interconnected. This means you can pick up any book and start reading rather than worrying about the order.

The blurb reads:

Behind him, beside him, before him, the synchronized cathedral bells began to ring out.
One, two, three . . .
Then she said it first. The words his heart burst to share. “I love you, Stephen..”
She caught her prince once. Can she catch him again?
 American heiress Corina Del Rey’s life was devastated by war. Every thing she loved was lost. But after five years of grief, she’s shed her grave clothes and started over in the sunshine along the Florida coast.
But some things are not so easily forgotten. When a secret from her past confronts her face to face, she realizes she must follow her heart. Even if it cost her everything.
Prince Stephen of Brighton Kingdom is a former Royal Air Command lieutenant turned star rugby player, trying to make sense of his life after the devastation of war.
When his brother, King Nathaniel, discovers Stephen’s pre war secret, he must deal with an aspect of his life he longed to forget. But how can he do so without exposing the truth and breaching national security?
Yet, true love has a destiny all it’s own. As the cathedral bells peal through Cathedral City, Corina and Stephen must chose to answer the call of love on their hearts.
Or let it be lost forever?

This book (like the others in the series) will please you're inner royalty and you won't be able to put it down. I am super picky about the characters in books and for me a good book is when by the end of it you can feel like you know the characters and you have a relationship with them. Rachel manages to do this perfectly! There were so many times I wished I could've given Corina a hug and knocked some sense into Stephen. I also loved how Corina was such a strong women despite loosing her twin brother and how she never gives up on getting back her Prince. I will admit that there were times when I wondered if this book would have a happy ending or not but I am pleased to say it does. I did cry during this book and I'm not sure if they tears of sadness or joy but I suspect a bit of both!

One thing that stood out to me was the war aspect and how even after 5 years it still affected Corina and Stephen regardless of him being a prince so deeply. With the 100th anniversary of the ANZACS coming up later this month it was great to be reminded of the sacrifices that soldiers still make to this day as they did in the past. Even though its a known fact that many royals do serve in the army it was interesting to see how this added to the storyline and made it deeper.

This book is a great read and I highly recommend it for anyone who is after a modern fairy tale with a few twists and turns. Once again Rachel has managed to write a magical book that will leave you wanting more!

I couldn't resist sharing this photo of Rikki who has decided he would like to catch a prince as he is hopeless at catching mice (he lets them go).

*I was provided with this book for my own enjoyment by the author (Rachel Hauck) and all opinions are my own. Even if I was to purchase to the book myself I would have stilled reviewed it as I just love The Royal Wedding series so much.

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