Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Maybe being spontaneous pays off

A couple of weeks ago a potential job caught my eye I didn't want to apply for it because I had applied to work there many times to no success (pretty sure it has been 4 times!). I ended up applying to work there because I have been trying to be more spontaneous and this seemed like another opportunity. But I made a deal with myself if at anytime I began feeling stressed about the application I could walk away and that I wasn't to overthink it. I decided that I would try another selection criteria method rather than my usual dot point way, I typed up paragraphs proving that I could do what they asked regarding the question. I finished the application without stressing (much), only walking a way once (to take some deep breaths) and getting through a whole bag of vanilla shake flavoured M&Ms. I then went back to submitting my first assignment for my Diploma (which I passed) like nothing had happened.
These past couple of weeks have been busy I have been named a Youth Ambassador for ReachOut (the volunteer position I applied for here) which means I have been trying to get organised for the workshop this weekend. I have started my next assignment which I am aiming to submit on Friday. All while ignoring the fact that I have submitted this job application.
Today my phone rang (which made me jump) and as soon as the voice on the other end said they were from the place where I had applied my heart rate picked up and I now have an interview on Monday afternoon. Once again I'm not going to overthink it which will for once be easy considering this weekend I have the workshop and in the morning before the interview I am caring for Megan's friend so there will be very little time to overthink it!
The big thing is it was spontaneous to apply for the job and for the volunteer position so maybe being spontaneous pays off :)

If you could pray that this job interview goes well that would be great, I would really like this job and am feeling over the whole job application process so I would like to see an end to it all!

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