Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Being spontaneous

I am a total control freak which I have mentioned on this blog multiple times because its a part of my nature (and anxiety). This does me no favours whatsoever when it comes to being spontaneous as my week is at least 99% planned even when I say I have nothing the chances are I have an idea of what I will be doing. My idea of being spontaneous is deciding to watch an episode of Bones at 9.00 at night alone which never ends well as my dreams become a bit too vivid for my liking or deciding to eat cake for breakfast which again isn't the smartest idea.
I get that being a planner is part of my nature but I also want to be spontaneous and get out of my comfort zone. My psych and I were talking about this at my last appointment because one of the things I need to work on is putting myself in situations that I have little control over. We have also decided that one morning or day a week I should have NOTHING planned and just decide to do something during that time when it gets to it. I don't want to go wild or anything but I also want to take risks and chances.
Today when I scrolling through my Facebook feed I saw that one of the pages I followed needed volunteers who were between the ages of 18-25  and without a second thought I decided that I would fill out the application form and give it a go because: 1 it was spontaneous and 2 if I get a volunteer position it would put me out of my comfort zone so it was technically doing 2 things at once. I will find out if I have one of the positions on the 17th of April and if I do I will attend a workshop on a weekend. I am not stressing about it as its all in Gods hands and if I do get a position I will cross that bridge when I come to it.
Being a control freak may be in my nature but that doesn't mean it has to rule my life and besides sometimes taking chances is just what the doctor ordered :)

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