Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Building up my confidence

Recently I wrote about my battle with low self confidence (you can read it here) and currently I am working to boost it. I have no doubt it will be a very long road to boost it and it won't happen overnight but I have to start somewhere!
  • Wear bright lipstick - This gives me a confidence boost for some reason and when I wear it I feel like I can take on the world. I love physicians formula PH lip gloss as it creates a custom colour to your bodies PH and lasts for 14 hours (not kidding, I have to scrub it off when I wear it).
  • Take the compliments - When someone compliments me I now repeat it to myself and will go back to it if my confidence is lagging. The other day someone told me my parking was improving and yes its not a big compliment but when my confidence has been lagging I have gone back to it.
  • List the things you can do - Its so easy to focus on what I can't do so instead I focus on what I can do. I can make great thoughtful gifts for people, I can bake great caramel slice, I can drive etc. This helps so much and I am in the process of typing them up, laminating them and sticking them on a key ring as a flip book so I can go through the during the day when my confidence is really lacking.
  • Sing along to an upbeat song - I am not the best driver and am also a new driver, like all new drivers I make lots of mistakes and have been getting honked at a bit this shakes me up majorly and I often find it hard to refocus after the incidents. After such incidents I will often sing along to an upbeat which helps my confidence grow.
  • Eat chocolate or something else sweet - My blood sugar is prone to dropping as in my heart will start racing and I will feel light headed which are both signs of anxiety attacks. So sometimes eating something sweet will give me the boost I need. This doesn't work all the time but its always worth a shot.
Sometimes the smallest things can make a big difference when it comes to having low self confidence. Everyone is different, so its all a matter of what works for you and how easy it is to apply it long term. I switch it up a lot depending on the situation and where I am, I make sure to always carry a nut or muesli bar with me for the times I can really feel my blood sugar dropping. I  hope to add to my techniques as I continue to see my psychologist and that the next job I get my self confidence levels will be higher.

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